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Local businesses get good exposure on Hawaii Five-O - Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL Home

Local businesses get good exposure on Hawaii Five-O - Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL Home
By Steve Uyehara – bio | email

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It was the start of another episode. Danno and Chin Ho Kelly were leaning over their car. Danno's mouth was still full, but he still found room to remark, "It's should be illegal it's so good. What the hell is it?" Chin Ho replied, "Coco puffs. Liliha Bakery sells 7,000 of these a day."

It seems every week another local business gets a plug like this on Hawaii Five-0. Take the Battleship Missouri Memorial for instance. It served as the backdrop when Steve McGarett met the governor for the first time in the pilot episode. It's also in the credits at the opening of every show. And it also had its own episode. An ex-Navy Seal took a group of visitors hostage.

Since then, tourists have been pouring in. Last December the Missouri saw 25% more visitors than any other December on record. And just last month they saw 30,000 paid customers.

Michael Carr, the President and COO of the Battleship Missouri Memorial says, "We had a record year in 2010, I think driven by a number of things, the publicity that we got from drydock, the fact that tourism has improved, but I think the Five-0 Effect certainly had a positive impact on the later part of the year."

Carr says the Missouri never paid for the publicity. In fact, Five-0 paid them a site fee and even let the Memorial authorities look over the script before shooting. "The alleged suspect was supposed to come on covered in blood," remarks Carr. "We're like, we don't let people through the gate covered in blood. So they actually had to change it."

Five-0 fans know the character Kamekona as the face of Waiola Shave Ice. But in real life, it's Jerry Lee who's owned the shop for 30-plus years. He still doesn't know why the producers chose to feature his business. "It could be just the name 'Waiola,'" he says. "It's Hawaiian, versus some other Japanese name."

He calculates an additional 20% in shave ice sales since his business' name appeared in the pilot. And he says T-shirt sales are up 30%. He even has a shirt with Kamekona's likeness on it. He has a tough time keeping that one in stock.

Still, there's just one more thing he wants from Kamekona. "I wanna meet badly," he says. "I want to invite him here, have a shave ice, take a picture and we can hang it on the wall here and have the words that say 'founders,' you know? Because I always tell people he's the owner, and I'm the brother."

Kona Brewing Co. has seen a HUGE boost from it's appearance in the show. Steve McGarett is always drinking their beer. In fact, the show's alpha male has been heard asking for the company's signature "Longboard" brew in several episodes. How did that help? Well in the 4th quarter of last year they saw a 60% increase in beer sales.

"It's probably added 10,000 barrels of beer to the sales over the 4th quarter and into the beginning of the 1st quarter," says Mattson Davis, President of Kona Brewing. "It's just been, that's 10,000 on top of the growth we were already experiencing."

But for all the products featured on the show, the biggest product has got to be Hawaii itself.

I asked Steve Spalding, a tourist from Michigan if seeing the sunny beaches and blue skies on TV during the winter made him want to come here. He replied, "Yes! I've been dying to come here. Been watching this show since it started and I've been dying to come."

And when you think about it, the show is still in its first season. Who knows how much stronger the Five-0 Effect will get.

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HAWAII FIVE-0 “Powa Maka Moana” Review


HAWAII FIVE-0 “Powa Maka Moana” Episode 17 – In this episode the team takes on a bunch of pirates. No, I’m not kidding – although these aren’t so much the parrot-on- the-shoulder, argh!-crying and swashbuckling kind. No these are more the kidnap-a-bunch-of-college-students and machine-gun-carrying kind.

The case brings up bad memories for Steve as he has to deal with a lot of freaked-out families and stare into faces wearing the same fear that he had when he got the call that his own father had been kidnapped. This time, Steve vows to get everyone back alive but when one of the parents tries to take things into his own hands and gets his own son killed, things quickly go from bad to worse.

In the end, the team of course foils the kidnapper’s plans of course. It may have been clever of them to pose as an innocent bystander on the boat and her worried fiancĂ©, but this is Five-0 we’re talking about and they have no trouble figuring it out. So while they can’t get back the one life that is lost, the team takes what comfort they can from reuniting those they can with their families.

My favorite bits…

Steve pointing out to Danny that classic cars are temperamental like him. I love Danny but I’m with Steve on this one. Classics totally have their attitudes.

Steve showing Susan various weapons on his phone so she could identify which the pirates were using. Man, you gotta love technology.

Danny saying that, unlike Steve, the kidnappers didn’t care how the check was split up as long as they got their money.

Steve telling Danny that it looked like he was doing Downward Dog. Hmm.I thought he might have been going for Warrior but that’s just me.

Danny asking Steve if he came from Krypton since he thought pushing a car up a hill was good exercise.

Danny asking Steve if Kona had just said he was in a training bra. LOL!

Finding out that Kona was training to be a Sumo wrestler. You know, he could totally kick ass at that.

Danny using the phrase “pirate zombie.” OMG he totally just combined two of my favorite things into one. I smell a Halloween costume idea coming on..

Danny cracking up when Lono suggested that Steve was the rational one. Um, excuse me for a second.. *collapses into hysterical laughter*

Steve coming back in with a grenade and blowing the door off.

Danny not only suggesting that Steve needed help, but offering to pay for it.

Steve promising to get the kids back alive.

The bartender telling Chin that he didn’t need to ID him. Aw, so mean.

Kono catching the dude on an escalator. Nice!

Feeling so bad for Steve when they found the dead kid and had to tell his parents. So awful.

Not being able to feel any anger for the father who didn’t follow Steve’s instructions, after I heard his story.

Aha! I totally suspected it was Susan and her boyfriend. Boy do I love it when I’m right.

Steve’s voice over the radio asking Susan if she really thought he was going to send her in with all that money.

Steve diving on to a moving bus = So. Freaking. Cool.

The look on Steve’s and the rest of the team’s faces while they watched all the families being reunited. Great moment.

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Stunts, Alex O'Loughlin & Moi!

The stunts on Hawaii Five-0 are awesome but boy does it take a lot of hard work. I was on set to experience just what goes into creating a stunt sequence. When I got to Liliha street they were just setting up the stunt. The trolley was parked down the street. A ways up was "the car" - the one the stunt double has to launch off of to land inside the moving trolley. Woah. I wouldn't do that!

Justin Sundquist, Alex O'loughlin's stunt double actually got hurt on the first take. The trolley was a little too far away and he caught the railing right in his stomach. On the second take he was a little late and scraped the side of his tricep. Ouch! What's interesting is how they determine who does what. The studio won't let Alex do all of his stunts because the production would get shut down if he gets hurt. So Justin does the big stuff and Alex does as much as he can leading up to it. For this particular stunt that meant running, jumping onto the hood of the car and launching himself into the air - into pads. Alex did that about four times and it was a wrap for the stunt. It's pretty cool to see these types of scenes unfold. You can feel and hear the crew release a sigh of relief when it's done without a hitch and conversely suck in their breath when someone gets hurt.

I can relate to this. I did a stunt for the movie "You May Not Kiss the Bride" about a year ago. They set the jeep I was riding in on fire, sent it careening down a hill and into a tree to blow up. Along the way, I jump out with only a rock along the path of the jeep as my cue to jump. The adrenaline rush was like nothing I've ever felt before. I seriously could have died. You can call it thrill-seeking or stupid, but action shows are nothing without their stunts teams.

Can I punch youA fun extra on my Five-0 shoot was my "fight scene" with the shows star, Alex O'Loughlin. The guy cracks me up. He's funny and light-hearted and humored me with a quick "lesson" on how to do what he calls a "nap." If you ask you shall receive - so I asked if I could punch him. I loved how he totally got into it and produced a quick fight scene for us to perform. He then let me kick him in the head. Kind of. As I brought my leg back he grabbed it and preceded to "dance" with me - calling it the "one-legged waltz." All in all, a great shoot for a great story.

Search: Malika Five 0 stunts to see the story I wrote that aired February 14.

Hawaii Five-0 - Come See Hawaii!

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HAWAII FIVE-0 “E Malama” Review


HAWAII FIVE-0 “E Malama” Season 1 Episode 16 – Everyone spent a lot of time separated in this episode, which I thought was pretty cool. Not only because it allowed us all to see them handling various situations on their own, but also because they still managed to work as a team, even while apart. The phone conversation between McGarrett and Danny was a great example and I loved that they still got in one of their usual heart-to-heart-in-a-car discussions even though they both weren’t in the car.

McGarrett was his usual badass self, going commando (no, not like that, I mean like an actual soldier) and taking out one bad guys in the jungle. Which left Chin to do some badassery of his own, protecting the witness all by himself and not to be left out, Kono figured out who the final assassin is just in the nick of time to save the witness once again.

Finally that left Danny, who was not on the case at all but dealing with his daughter and ex-wife being put in danger by something that his exes new husband had done. There’s nothing quite like a Danny who’s on the rampage protecting his little girl, but I’m impressed that he stayed in control when dealing with Stan. In the end he actually helped the guy out and took all the danger onto himself, bringing the new family back together safely. Divorced or no, that can’t exactly have been easy for him to do.

My favorite bits…

Totally not trusting the bogus cops, even before the Marshal spotted the bullet holes in the uniform on one of them.

Cracking up at Danny’s theory that the person who invented the cell phone must have an ex-wife. You know, that wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Wondering if it was odd that I thought Danny and Rachel’s phone “language” made perfect sense.

Holy cow! Rachel and Grace barely making it out of a carjacking.

Danny’s entire demeanor changing as he heard the message from Rachel.

Seeing how everyone on the team was affected when they heard the news about Rachel and Grace, and the way McGarrett told Danny if he needed anything all he had to do was call.

Echoing Kono’s “good for her” when they saw how hard the witness fought her abductors.

Getting a Lost-esque vibe when Chin asked “where do we start?” as the camera did the massive pan out to the entire island.

Being right there with Danny when he suspected that Stan might be into something shady.

Chin’s remark about McGarrett, that some guys were just born without a fear gene.

Kono spelling out her name to the scumbag’s attorney. Yeah!

Okay I love me some Hero!Danny as much as the next girl but wasn’t it all kinds of wrong for him to go into Rachel’s house without backup?

McGarrett in the makeshift commando makeup and building traps = totally hot.

Wait. Is Danny driving? His own car? *dies of shock*

McGarrett being able to hear Danny’s tone through the phone and talking him down, all while holding up a very heavy looking log.

Not being able to help the laugh that escaped me when the bad guy got hit by McGarrett’s log. Ouch.

Chin using the tracking info McGarrett taught him to get the guy off their trail. Brilliant!

McGarrett handling a collapsed lung in the field with a knife and a piece of bamboo. Nice.

The entire conversation between Danny and Stan in the car. I loved that he spotted that Stan was scared even though he was hiding it.

Danny taking down the commissioner and with barely controlled rage and telling the man exactly what he would do to him if he ever went near his daughter again. I loved when he imprinted his badge number on the guy’s forehead. If that doesn’t send a message, I don’t know what will.

The awesome motorcycle chase through the jungle.

McGarrett telling their backup that they would have no trouble identifying what truck they were in. Yeah, that was an understatement.

Kono vs. Lady Assassin chick fight.

Chin telling Kono that she had the whole ass-kicking thing down. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

My heart melting when Grace said “I love you Danno.” Say it with me – Awwwww.

What did you think of the episode of Hawaii Five-0? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

review by Daemon's TV
AUTHOR: Mokibobolink

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Hawaii Five-0 - Alex O

Hawaii Five-0 - Alex O

At a shopping mall in the Kahala neighbourhood of Honolulu, Hawaii, there’s a sculpture of actor Jack Lord, who played Detective Steve McGarrett in the original version of the TV series Hawaii Five-0. It’s only a bust, but it reminds Alex O’Loughlin that he has some big bronze shoes to fill every time he passes by.

O’Loughlin, the Australian actor best known for his previous series Moonlight and Three Rivers, and the rom-com The Back-up Plan with Jennifer Lopez, has inherited the memorable role of McGarrett in the modern reboot of the action series, which premieres in Australia this month on Network Ten.

“I’m an Aussie playing one of the most iconic American television characters of all time.It’s a real honour for me,” says the Canberra- born actor, for whom any early reservations about the show’s success or his part in it have vanished amid stellar ratings and an enthusiastic reception in the US, as well as worldwide.

“Sometimes you think something is going to do really well and it doesn’t, or vice versa. But everywhere I go now people want to shake my hand. We can’t shoot the show without having security around,” he says, recalling a recent off – the-set shopping trip where he was mobbed for photos and autographs. “This might turn out to be my biggest break so far,” he acknowledges. “But I’m just taking it one day at a time.”

O’Loughlin, 34, wasn’t even born when the original Five-0 began its 12-year run in 1968, but anyone familiar with the original series can expect a different take — with lots of action, humour and a modern sensibility thrown in for pretty good measure.

The storyline goes as such: back in Hawaii to investigate his father’s murder, Navy SEAL- turned-cop McGarrett is tapped to head an elite police task force, and recruits New Jersey transplant Danny “Danno” Williams (Scott Caan of Entourage), Chin Ho Kelly (Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim), and rookie cop Kono Kalakaua (Battlestar Galactica’s Grace Park), who is Chin’s pretty cousin — with the latter part played in the original by a hefty Hawaiian dude who went by the single-name moniker of Zulu.

But producers knew better than to mess with other touchstones of the show, including familiar Oahu locations, Morton Stevens’ instrumental theme and the classic line, “Book ‘em, Danno!”.

“I try to figure out a new way to do it every time, to change it up,” says O’Loughlin, whose bantering relationship with Caan is central to the show, and carried over off-screen. “We’ve hit it off and become mates,” he says.

Military veteran McGarrett is more of the straight man, though O’Loughlin’s portrayal is less stoic than Lord’s. “There are a lot of areas where he’s seen as black and white — very clear. But there are a lot of layers to this guy. He learned how to defend himself and his honour very quickly and very young in life,” he says. “He doesn’t take any crap. And if you’re in with him, he’ll die to protect you.”

Signing on to Five-0 meant moving from Los Angeles, his home for the past six years, to Oahu, and although he initially felt isolated living in a hotel on the pilot episode, he now has a mountainside house with a great Pacific view, and loves island life.

“When I wake up, I make a cup of coffee and I look out the window — I view the surf report from there,” says O’Loughlin, who, needless to say, has taken up the sport. “I can see about five different breaks from my house, and each night I can see the sunset from my house. It’s an amazing place to live. It has just totally become my home since.”

He nevertheless plans to keep his Los Angeles pad until he receives the official go-ahead about the series’ second season this spring. Interestingly enough, being a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art in Sydney from the 2002 cohort, O’Loughlin had always planned to head to L.A. “It wasn’t about the bright lights of Hollywood. It was about the pool of talent,” he explains.

Of course, it was by no means an easy task at first. “I was the second-best actor for a lot of jobs, and I lived on a friend’s couch for about nine months,” he recalls candidly.

In fact, in one of those “almost” situations, O’Loughlin lost the role of James Bond in Casino Royale to Daniel Craig. “It was the biggest audition I ever did, and also the biggest audition I didn’t get. And it’s the one everyone brings up,” he sighs, musing, “I think I was a little bit young for the role.”

Nevertheless, he “got to be Bond for a day” at the screen test, and “walked away having learned about myself as an actor with regard to my ambition, and about my achievement,” he says, convinced that when the role he is right for comes his way, he’ll be ready for it.

What he’s still coming to terms with is the invasion of privacy that accompanies fame. He laughs at the absurdity of a rumour that AC/ DC rocker Bon Scott was his father, calling it “benign, not slanderous or harmful to my family or myself, and kind of cool.”

But he’s bothered that the career he’s chosen may impact the people in his life, including a young son in Australia, whom he’s tried to keep out of the press. “I’m very protective of my family, and I don’t ever want this stuff affecting them. Usually I’m okay with it, but sometimes I want to just go home and shut the door. I’m a very private person, and this loss of anonymity is the hardest thing to deal with.”

Now, living in Hawaii, just a nine-hour flight away from Sydney, he’s slightly closer to Australia. “I miss my friends. I miss going out for the Sydney Morning Herald and a really good breakfast,” he admits, but his job keeps him too busy to dwell on that. “It’s a really big, ambitious television show and I’m in a lot of it.

“There’s a lot of action, and the three Cs: comedy, character and crime. For people who like crime-fighting and cop shows, it’s got that. The characters are really well-rounded, and there’s a lot of really funny stuff,” he says, encouraging Aussie audiences to check it out. “I really think this is going to be a show that everyone will enjoy.”

Hawaii Five-0 airs Sundays on Network Ten.

Riding The Waves
One of Alex O’Loughlin’s top tips for Hawaii is a skill he learned on the island: surfing. “I was actually deeply humbled by God yesterday when I went for a surf,” he says. Although he grew up in Australia, a country where surfing is renowned for being a favourite past-time, it wasn’t until Hawaii Five-O that he began taking to the water with a board. “I learned how to surf when I got here,” says O’Loughlin. “It’s the most amazing scene here, almost life-changing. I’m trying to transition into a short boarder at the moment. Some people are telling me it’s a little early for that. So of course, yesterday, I fell.”

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Hawaii Five-0 - Serious and Shirtless

Hawaii Five-0 - 1.16 - E Malama - Promo 2

Hawaii Five-0 - 1.16 - E Malama - Promo 2

Book'em Danno so far